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Stop Slouching: Better Posture Is the Secret to More Dates, More Respect, and More Money

Watching TV, sitting at your computer, and texting on your smartphone have become the things we do every day to learn, communicate, and socialize. However, improper sitting and walking posture can lead to many issues down the line, either physical, mental, or even social. While many people will talk about the dangers of poor posture to your back and neck, most will undermine how physical problems affect your mental state and social status. Poor posture can lead to anxiety and low self-esteem. Additionally, if someone walks by and sees you slumped in your chair, they might think you’re tired or disinterested in working or socializing. These issues will have adverse effects on your work performance. People who slouch often tend...

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Sitting Is the New Smoking: 5 Unforeseen Risks of Sitting All Day

We have a new epidemic to worry about, and it’s not that of a virus. With the increase in office work and working from home, people are spending more time than ever sitting. While it might seem innocuous, bad posture while sitting can have many adverse effects, some of which we don’t even correlate with sitting. Here are five risks of an incorrect sitting posture at work you might not know about: 1. Anxiety Poor posture habits can lead to decreased mental health, according to studies performed in 2014 and 2017. People with a bad posture are more likely to feel anxious or suffer from depression and are less likely to be confident in their work. Your sitting posture at...

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Introducing Express Shipping

We are proud to open the new year with a bang by announcing that our loyal US customers are now treated to the option of express shipping, so you can begin to improve your posture quicker than ever! To get our posture corrector in 5-7 days choose express shipping at checkout.

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