Back Stretcher - Posture QuickFix
Back Stretcher - Posture QuickFix
Back Stretcher - Posture QuickFix
Back Stretcher - Posture QuickFix
Back Stretcher - Posture QuickFix
Back Stretcher - Posture QuickFix
Back Stretcher - Posture QuickFix

Posture QuickFix


Back Stretcher + FREE Posture Guide eBook

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Good Posture Highlights

 Improves health, appearance & confidence - A good posture makes you look more attractive; it inspires confidence & power. Even appear half a stone lighter & add an inch or more to your height.

 Can help alleviate stress & depression - Physical therapists have concluded that your poor posture can put you in a lousy mood & make you feel more stressed. 

 Reduces back, shoulder & neck pain - Poor posture produces tension & muscle tightness that results in all sorts of pains. Prevent & relieve this pain with a good posture.

 Boosts mood & energy levels - Feel better, happier & generally improve your life by standing up straight & opening your body up - it makes a bigger difference than you may think.

 Improves breathing & focus - When you slouch frequently, your frontal muscles & tendons shorten; which reduces your capacity to take deep breaths.

Product Highlights

 Helps to relieve chronic back pain - Our product is ergonomically designed to aid the relief of chronic back pain that can be caused by a variety of reasons. Using the Back Stretcher regularly can provide pain relief that will make you wonder how you ever lived without one!

 Small price for big results - What's a little bit of money when you're spending it to dramatically improve your health, appearance & your life? 

 Premium quality - Highest quality available, made from resolute, strengthened material to provide a sturdy yet comfortable product.

 A quick & effective method to get a good, healthy posture - Works quickly & effectively, they are now being recommended by chiropractors & doctors.

 Mount on a seat to aid posture whilst seated -  Simply mount onto a seat, sit back and enjoy the benefits of better seated posture. Using the Back Stretcher whilst seated prevents slouching and leads to better posture. 

 Easy to use - Simply click the stretcher into place depending on the severity of stretch you are looking for, lie back and enjoy the benefits of being free from lower back pain due to tight muscles, excessive flexion and poor spinal alignment,

Become One of Our Satisfied Customers

"Wow! This has worked exactly as promised. The Back Stretcher has provided me with relief from my usually aching back and made day-to-day activities much easier after only a few uses. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a release from back pain!"

Dan, Washington 

Relieve Back Pain & Fix Your Posture 

Poor posture is a serious health problem. It can be developed by sitting at a desk all day, looking down at a smartphone, or lounging on a couch. Poor posture impacts people of all ages. It is now raising a concern with health experts:  

"It's a common and important health problem among Americans, and it can lead to neck pain, back problems, and other aggravating conditions,"
(Meghan Markowski) 
Physical Therapist at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Impacts of Poor Posture 

Research shows that poor posture can be the cause of many different problems such as:

  • Neck, shoulder & back pain,
  • Headaches,
  • Lack of confidence,
  • Low energy, focus & concentration levels,

It can even lead to: 

  • Constipation & poor digestion,
  • Breathing difficulties,
  • Fatigue,
  • Foot pain,
  • Sleep problems & bad moods.

Posture problems do not go away unless something is done about them & these problems only get worse over time. Our Back Stretcher combats these problems and helps develop a healthy and confident posture.

So, Act Now and take care of yourself. 

Why Do I Need This Product?

The Back Stretcher provides a safe way to stretch your back to immediately alleviate back pain and enhance posture. Stretching your back without an aid is extremely risky and can lead to serious and permanent back issues. Why take the risk when the Back Stretcher is available? 

Not only does our product improve your health and appearance, if used on a chair, it can be very useful to help prevent back issues from slouching whilst seated. 

Our product makes relieving back pain and fixing your posture quick and easy, you can simply and naturally correct your posture without having to do any of the hard work!

Poor posture can cause serious harm to your health! Millions of people have developed a poor posture due to modern-day habits like sitting at a computer desk all day or looking down at your phone all the time. Everyone is prone to slouching, whether you're an athlete, a gamer or anyone in between. So, there's a very strong chance you suffer from poor posture. 

No matter who you are, our Back Stretcher is a must buy. Even if you think your posture is good or you don't suffer from chronic back pain regularly, it won't hurt to have a product at hand to sustain or improve this posture or relieve pain when you need to. If you don't suffer personally with poor posture or back pain, there's a high chance that someone you know does, so why not help them out?

What's a little bit of money when you're spending it to take care of your health and appearance?

How Does It Work?

The Back Stretcher works by stretching the muscles between the discs in your spine. This allows the muscle to relax into a more natural position releasing tension built up throughout the day. Relief from back pain will occur almost instantly and will last long after use!  They work so effectively that Back Stretchers are now being recommended by chiropractors and doctors.


How Do You Use It?

Assembly Instructions


Step 1

For easy arch adjustment, Pre-bend the arch support as shown in the photo.

Lay the base and support arch on a secured mat, rug, or carpet with the wide ends closest to you.

Step 2

Secure the wide end of the base against your knees. Slide the wide end of support arch into the single slot on the wide end of the base.

Step 3

Position your hands as shown in the photo for easy arch adjustment.

Press down with your thumbs and gently slide the narrow end of support arch into the level 1 position on the base


Usage Instructions

Usage Instructions

1. Sit with your back to the arch. Slowly lie back onto the support arch with your knees bent.

The wide end of the unit should be positioned close to the base of your spine so that the support arch supports the lumbar region of your back. Try to centre your spine in the slot that is designed to cradle your spine and provide extra comfort.

 Usage Instructions-2

2. Simply stretch into position, relax as much as possible and breathe normally

This position provides the least amount of stretch and is the easiest to do when starting out. If a greater stretch is desired, proceed to the following positions.

Tip: You may need a pillow beneath your head for added comfort.

 Usage Instructions-3

3. Moderate stretch position

Raise your arms over your head and shoulders and rest them as close to the floor as you can for an additional stretch. In time it will become easier, and you may be able to extend your arms fully and rest your elbows comfortably on the floor.

 Usage Instructions-4

4. Roll off and recover

Roll onto your side and off the Back Stretcher. Sit up gradually and rest for 30 seconds before standing.

After stretching you should allow your blood to move back down from your head to the rest of your body, otherwise, you may become disorientated.

Benefits of a Good Posture 

Improved Appearance 

A good posture makes you look good and more attractive. It inspires confidence, power and can even make you look a half a stone lighter and can add an inch or more to your height. Models, famous personalities and politicians maintain good postures as they are aware that it helps you present your body and yourself to the best advantage.

Increased Confidence 

Body language makes up a big portion of communication. A good healthy posture makes you stand up straight and appear confident. There have been studies that show men and women who have a good posture get more job interviews and dates than people who slouch.


Reduced Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain

The vast majority of us get some form of back, neck or shoulder pain at some point in our lives. These pains could be caused by many things, but most of the time, they develop during the course of day-to-day life through bad posture habits. Constantly slouching commonly produces tension and muscle tightness that results in all sorts of muscle pains. A big solution to preventing back pain is to improve your posture.

Reduced Headaches

Poor posture can contribute to tension headaches, due to increased muscle tension in the back of the neck:

“Often if we correct our posture, we can reduce muscle tension and improve our headaches”

(Nina Strang)
Physical Therapist at the University of Michigan.

 Improved Breathing & Focus 

Bad posture can severely affect your breathing and lung capacity. When you slouch frequently, your frontal muscles and tendons shorten; which reduces your capacity to take deep breaths.

A good posture can improve your breathing ability by up to 30%!

This improved breathing and blood and oxygen flow can boost your concentration and focus levels.

Boost Mood & Energy Levels 

A number of studies have suggested that poor posture can worsen the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Your poor posture can put you in a lousy mood and make you feel more stressed, as concluded by physical therapists such as Steven D'Ambroso PT, DPT: 

"Over time, a sustained slumped-forward posture creates unnecessary stress and strains your spine, that can make you feel heavy and achy, which leads to being tired and irritable".
(Steven D’Ambroso PT, DPT) 
Physical Therapist in New York.

Furthermore, a study published in the journal Biofeedback came to the conclusion that:

"Participants who slouched while walking felt more depressed. When they shifted to a more upright position, their outlook and energy levels increased".

(Erik PeperPh.D. and I-Mei LinPh.D.) 

Feel better, happier and generally improve your life with a good posture. Standing up straight and opening your body up makes a bigger difference than you might think.  


"It's certainly made a difference to me in the first few weeks of wearing it. I've used it for running, walking and at work sat at my desk. I fell as though my posture has improved greatly."

- Andrew, Buffalo

"It's certainly made a difference to me in the first few weeks of wearing it. I've used it for running, walking and at work sat at my desk. I fell as though my posture has improved greatly."

- Sarah, Detroit

"I sit in a chair for long periods and the Back Stretcher has been ideal because it ensures I sit in a straight position so I no longer slouch or bend over like I used to do. My old way of sitting sometimes gave me back pain but since I have been using the Back Stretcher I have no back pain at the end of the day."

- Ollie, Kansas

"Ordered for a brother who spends all his free time near the computer. Since his posture is curved. We thought, well, it’s not big money, but what if it helps?!?! And to our surprise, after a week, we saw a change. It really works, now it sits almost always straight and does not hump at all."

- Lennox, Cleveland

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to use?

Yes, it is easy to use without any help and in your home. Simply clip into place for the desired level of stretch and begin using. For more information, see the guide above.

Tip: Mount the Back Stretcher on the back of a seat, such as in the office or in your car to encourage better-seated posture and to avoid slouching. 

How often should you use it? 

You can use it as often as you like, for best results we recommend using twice a day for 3 minutes to prevent back pain. 

Is it uncomfortable to Use? 

No, our product will provide immediate relief and should not be uncomfortable. If you experience any discomfort whilst using make sure to drop the Back Stretcher onto a lower setting in order to prevent any further discomfort.

How long does it take to work & how often should I use it? 

You will start to feel a soothing relief immediately during use. You should use it whenever you feel any tension building in your back or when you are starting to slouch. Most customers fix their posture successfully by using it at least 1-2 times a day. We recommend using it for at least 14 days to promote long-term muscle memory to prevent back pain and improve posture more effectively. 

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