Posture Corrector + FREE Posture Guide eBook - Posture QuickFix
Posture Corrector + FREE Posture Guide eBook - Posture QuickFix
Posture Corrector + FREE Posture Guide eBook - Posture QuickFix
Posture Corrector + FREE Posture Guide eBook - Posture QuickFix
Posture Corrector + FREE Posture Guide eBook - Posture QuickFix
Posture Corrector + FREE Posture Guide eBook - Posture QuickFix
Posture Corrector + FREE Posture Guide eBook - Posture QuickFix
Posture Corrector + FREE Posture Guide eBook - Posture QuickFix
Posture Corrector + FREE Posture Guide eBook - Posture QuickFix
Posture Corrector + FREE Posture Guide eBook - Posture QuickFix
Posture Corrector + FREE Posture Guide eBook - Posture QuickFix

Posture QuickFix


Posture Corrector + FREE Posture Guide eBook

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93% of customers reported that they noticed and felt a serious difference in their posture, whilst 35% followed up with a message expressing how much it has helped them. 

Our Posture Corrector is specially designed to improve your posture with long-lasting results. Made of the highest quality available, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness.


"Just tried your product out and I love it already! I spend most of my time at a desk or table and found myself slouching over quite badly, and already I noticed that after wearing it I naturally sat slightly straighter and it's only day one!"

Sam, California 

Good Posture Highlights

 Improves health, appearance & confidence - A good posture can make you look more attractive; it inspires confidence & power. Just by standing up straight, you can accentuate your features, making you look instantly trimmer & taller.

 Can help alleviate stress & depression - Physical therapists have concluded that your poor posture can put you in a lousy mood & make you feel more stressed. 

 Reduces back, shoulder & neck pain - Poor posture produces tension & muscle tightness that results in all sorts of pains. You can prevent & relieve this pain by fixing your posture. Correct posture puts the least amount of strain on your muscles & joints.

 Boosts mood & energy levels - Feel better, happier & generally improve your life by standing up straight & opening your body up - it makes a bigger difference than you may think. Studies show that when people shift to a more upright position, their outlook & energy levels increase.

 Improves breathing & focus - When you slouch frequently, your frontal muscles & tendons shorten; which reduces your capacity to take deep breaths. A good posture can improve your breathing by up to 30%, this improved breathing results in better blood & oxygen flow which can boost your concentration & focus levels.

Encourage Decision Making ‚Äď Researchers from Columbia & Harvard universities found that powerful body language, like upright posture, affected decision making.¬†

Support Nervous System ‚Äď Proper posture helps your nervous system work more efficiently, which is why posture can affect everything from bodily functions (such as digestion, breathing, & joints) to mood.

Helps burns fat¬†¬†‚Äď Standing correctly with the¬†right posture¬†can help you burn fat, gain strength and benefit your health in the long-term, according to a fitness advice article published in Men's Health magazine.¬†

Product Highlights

 Long-term results - Our product is not about a temporary fix. Once your body adjusts to wearing our Posture Corrector, muscle memory will form. So even after you take it off, your body will have naturally adjusted to it's new & healthy posture.

 A small price for big results - Affordable, low-cost product, that can fix your posture which can improve your health, appearance & your mood.

 Premium quality - Highest quality available, made of very soft composite fabric & high-quality nylon tape with breathable holes placed in the back & shoulder straps. Heat dissipation & permeability have been upgraded to improve the comfort of wearing.

 Quick & effective method to get a good, healthy posture - Works quickly & effectively, they are now being recommended by some chiropractors & doctors.

 Easy to wear - Put it on like a backpack, then pull the straps over your shoulders to adjust. It's never been easier to get a perfect posture. 

 Helpful in the gym - It can be very useful to help maintain proper back form while working out, while also helping prevent injuries. 

Fix Your Posture & Stop Slouching 

Poor posture is a serious health problem. It can be developed by sitting at a desk all day, looking down at a smartphone, or lounging on a couch. Poor posture impacts people of all ages. It is now raising a concern with health experts:  

"It's a common and important health problem among Americans, and it can lead to neck pain, back problems, and other aggravating conditions,"

Impacts of Poor Posture 

Research shows that poor posture can be the cause of many different problems such as:

  • Neck, shoulder & back pain,
  • Headaches,
  • Lack of confidence,
  • Low energy, focus & concentration levels,

It can even lead to: 

  • Constipation & poor digestion,
  • Breathing difficulties,
  • Fatigue,
  • Foot pain,
  • Sleep problems & bad moods.

Posture problems do not go away unless something is done about them & these problems only get worse over time. Our Posture Corrector combats these problems and helps develop a healthy and confident posture.

So, Act Now and take care of yourself. 

Why Do I Need This Product?

To fix your posture without a corrector, you would have to commit a lot of time and effort into performing tiresome and difficult to remember exercises. It would also take a constant conscious effort, as you have to consistently pay attention to your body position and manually correct it yourself, which can become irritating and frustrating.

Our product makes fixing your posture quick and easy, you can simply and naturally correct your posture without having to do any of the hard work!

Several studies and pages have suggested that poor posture can worsen the symptoms of anxiety and depression. (Study 1, Study 2, Page 1, Page 2, Page 3)

Poor posture can cause serious harm to your health! Millions of people have developed a poor posture due to modern-day habits like sitting at a computer desk all day or looking down at your phone all the time. Everyone is prone to slouching, be that athletes, gamers or anyone in between.

Not only can our product help with improving your health and appearance, it can be very useful to help maintain proper back form while working out, while also helping prevent injuries. 

How Does It Work?

It acts as a simple corrective to common postural mistakes, it pulls your shoulders back and locks them in place, aligning your back, neck, clavicles, and shoulders. As your shoulders are locked in position by the brace, you will be prevented from being able to slouch - maintaining a good posture.

After wearing it for a couple of hours each day for a few weeks, your body will become accustomed to your new healthy posture and you won't need to use the product as much. 

They work so effectively that posture correctors are now being recommended by chiropractors and doctors.


Benefits of a Good Posture 

Improved Appearance 

A good posture makes you look good and more attractive. It inspires confidence, power and can even make you look slimmer and can add an inch or more to your height. Models, famous personalities and politicians maintain good postures as they are aware that it helps you present your body and yourself to the best advantage.

Alternatively, bad posture can make you look short, hunched and weak, making you feel self-conscious and less able.

Science Confirms Good Posture Makes People Think You’re Hot (Article).

Having good posture makes you more attractive to the opposite sex, according to new research from Northwestern University and the University of California. Every group studied in the research was attracted to better posture, suggesting it conveys both social dominance and openness.

A good posture can be especially advantageous for men. Even women who don't consciously notice it are influenced by it. It projects confidence and changes a man's entire demeanour. It makes you healthier, too.

Increased Confidence 

Body language makes up a big portion of communication. A good healthy posture makes you stand up straight and appear confident. There have been studies that show men and women who have a good posture get more job interviews and dates than people who slouch.

Because testosterone is associated with self-confidence, having good posture can create hormones in the brain that make you feel more self-assured, lighter and more positive.

So sitting up straight may help your brain function better, as well as help you think more clearly because you feel calmer and more confident. SFSU professor Erik Peper, the study's lead author, said in a statement. "You have a choice. It's about using an empowered position to optimize your focus." Seems like sitting up straight really is worth the effort.

Good Posture Can Improve Your Confidence (Article).

Reduced Body Pains & Problems

The vast majority of us get some form of back, neck or shoulder pain at some point in our lives. These pains could be caused by many things, but most of the time, they develop during day-to-day life through bad posture habits.

Constantly slouching commonly produces tension and muscle tightness that results in all sorts of muscle pains. The stress of poor posture can change the anatomical characteristics of the spine, leading to the possibility of constricted blood vessels and nerves, as well as problems with muscles, discs, and joints. 

A big solution to preventing these pains & problems is to improve your posture. (Article)

Reduced Headaches

Poor posture can contribute to tension headaches, due to increased muscle tension in the back of the neck:

‚ÄúOften if we correct our posture, we can reduce muscle tension and improve our headaches‚ÄĚ

(Nina Strang)
Physical Therapist at the University of Michigan.

 Improved Breathing & Focus 

Bad posture can severely affect your breathing and lung capacity. When you slouch frequently, your frontal muscles and tendons shorten; which reduces your capacity to take deep breaths.

A good posture can improve your breathing ability by up to 30%!

This improved breathing results in better blood and oxygen flow which can boost your concentration and focus levels.

Boost Mood & Energy Levels 

Your poor posture can put you in a lousy mood and make you feel more stressed, as concluded by physical therapists such as Steven D'Ambroso PT, DPT: 

"Over time, a sustained slumped-forward posture creates unnecessary stress and strains your spine, that can make you feel heavy and achy, which leads to being tired and irritable".
(Steven D’Ambroso PT, DPT) 
Physical Therapist in New York.

Furthermore, a study published in the journal Biofeedback concluded that:

"Participants who slouched while walking felt more depressed. When they shifted to a more upright position, their outlook and energy levels increased".

(Erik Peper, Ph.D. and I-Mei Lin, Ph.D.) 

Feel better, happier and generally improve your life with a good posture. Standing up straight and opening your body up makes a bigger difference than you might think.  


Improves Workout Efficiency

If you have poor posture or your posture isn't as good as it could be, you’re bringing improper alignment into everything you do and compromising the efficiency of everything from your workouts to your energy levels. 

‚ÄúWhen you‚Äôre in a good upright position with minimal strain on your body, the joints have normal mobility and, therefore, the surrounding muscles can work much more efficiently to support these structures. This directly translates to how they will perform during gym workouts and day-to-day activities‚Ä̬†

(Alexa Rohach)

Physical therapist in Santa Monica.

You know that all your power comes from being hip-driven. ‚ÄúWhen people bring a dysfunctional body to a workout, the hips are under-activated and you‚Äôre only getting a small percentage of the actual work from a workout. But if you are posturally functional and moving from the hips, then you‚Äôre bulletproof in both the motion and motionless world‚Ä̬†

(Pete Egoscue)

Renowned physiologist in San Diego.

By simply improving your posture, you can improve your workout efficiency and get more out of them by putting in less work. 

Improves Running Performance

Poor posture can lead to inefficiency and unnecessary energy expenditure.
The benefits of improving your posture whilst running are pretty significant; you improve your biomechanical efficiency, your ability to breathe effectively and decrease your risk of injury. 

Many runners have tight pectoral (chest) muscles, leading to rounded shoulders. This is often due to spending hours each day working on a computer. If your shoulders are rounded, the chances are that you are not using your arms as efficiently as you could, and you are almost certainly limiting the expansion of your rib cage, meaning that you are not using your full breathing capacity.

The more you run, the more you realise promoting good posture is paramount to injury-free running. It can reduce the risk of injury by reducing stress on the knees, hips and back.

‚ÄúRunning tall is important for chest expansion and lung capacity, making it easier to breathe and improving endurance and stamina‚ÄĚ

(Dave Ochsendorf M.P.T., M.Ed., A.T.C.)
Owner of Siesta Key Sports and Physical Therapy in Sarasota. 

The common belief is that long term running with¬†a ‚Äėpoor posture‚Äô can lead to niggles which if left untreated go on to hinder our ability to get the most out of a run or even stop us from getting out the front door.

By improving your posture and running form you can increase your endurance & stamina which increases your overall running performance while also reducing the risk of injury. 


"Use it every day, suddenly reached my true height. Pictures and everything look better when you have great posture! Highly recommend."


- Adrian, Oregon

"It's certainly made a difference to me in the first few weeks of wearing it. I've used it for running, walking and at work sat at my desk. I feel as though my posture has improved greatly."


- William, New York

"It's certainly made a difference to me in the first few weeks of wearing it. I've used it for running, walking and at work sat at my desk. I fell as though my posture has improved greatly."


- Shawn, Seattle

"I sit in a chair for long periods and the posture corrector has been ideal because it ensures I sit in a straight position so I no longer slouch or bend over like I used to do. My old way of sitting sometimes gave me back pain but since I have been using the posture corrector I have no back pain at the end of the day."


- Jodie, Kansas

"Ordered for a brother who spends all his free time near the computer. Since his posture is curved. We thought, well, it’s not big money, but what if it helps?!?! And to our surprise, after a week, we saw a change. It really works, now it sits almost always straight and does not hump at all."


- Fernando, Michigan

Sizing Instructions

The posture corrector is perfectly made for you to fit your unique size and shape, no matter your gender. So you can begin to improve your posture whoever you are. 

Chest measurements are usually more accurate, only choose by weight if you do not know your chest size.

Select your size with the instructions below:

Choose your size based on your chest size (Most accurate)

M 28-36" 70-90cm
L 37-42" 91-105cm
XL 43-48" 106-120cm


OR Choose your size based on your weight (If you do not know your chest size)

M 90-154lbs 40-70kg
L 155-225lbs 71-102kg
XL 226-265lbs 103-120kg

Free eBook (Worth $10.00 When Sold Separately)

Everything you need to know about posture all in one place! We have compiled various resources into one eBook just for you to help you understand your posture better. Purchase a posture corrector and get the eBook included in your order for FREE. We'll send you a separate email with it in. 

Remember it's worth $10.00 when sold separately, so don't miss out on this deal!


  1. Introduction
  2. What is posture?
  3. Benefits of a good posture
  4. Impacts of poor posture
  5. Common types and causes of poor posture
  6. Good posture - How to get one?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to wear?

Yes, it is easy to put on without any help and it can be worn on top or underneath clothes. Simply put your arms through the posture corrector and position it on your upper back, then make the appropriate adjustments by pulling the straps to set your posture. 

When can you wear it? 

You can wear it anytime, however, we recommend not to wear it while sleeping. 

Is it uncomfortable to wear? 

No, our product is made of very soft composite fabric and nylon tape with breathable holes placed in the back and shoulder straps. Heat dissipation and permeability have been upgraded to improve the comfort of wearing. Skin irritation would not be caused by the product.

Will it weaken my muscles? 

No, it does not weaken your muscles. Our product simply assists your muscles to maintain the correct posture. It does this by locking them in place to prevent you from slouching. It acts as a constant reminder to you and your muscles that are used to keep your posture straight. Your muscles will develop over time to maintain this posture.

How long does it take to work & how long should I wear it? 

You should feel a difference after a few hours of use and start to feel a soothing relief after just a couple of uses. You should wear it until your new posture becomes comfortable. Most customers fix their posture successfully by wearing it at least 1-2 hours at a time. We recommend wearing it for at least 14 days to promote long-term muscle memory and to correct your posture effectively. 

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